Why Use One To One Match Making Services  

Traditional Friends/Parents Matching Methods

Face it. These methods doesn't work well, is very time consuming and most of all, ended up you are spending much more money & energy. Friends that introduce friends to you just because that is the only other friend that they know of, and they sympathy you for not having a partner. They hardly spend time to find out the background, interview, or meet up to discuss in details, because your friends have their own commitments as well.

Worse will be, if the relationship does not work out well, you may end up loosing another friend, just because both of you cannot match each other. Your good friend may feel that you are too choosy and will stop helping you. Or you may even Give-Up and felt depressed as at this state, no one is happy and no one is motivated to proceed for another trial.

I Am Too Busy With My Career Commitment

Today it is totally ok, and is very common that you are not on any relationship yet, is not because you do not have the good values, or you do not look good. 80% of working executives, company directors, professionals and even business owners are too busy building their career during the early age, still spending so much time on their job loads every day, weekends need time to take a break to recover, today's living expenses are very high, and all of us will need to work twice the effort to make a living. Ended up, they do not even have time to socialize or communicate with opposite partners from other places, except with your friends working in the same company.

You Might Be One Of Them That Falls Under This Category !

Therefore, most people (men and women) are very open about getting a professional agency to help them find a good partner on a one to one basis, to save time, effort and money. Imagine the amount of money we will need to invest to use a variety of different methods to find a partner and building the relationship without professional advice.

Social Gatherings / Pubs Hopping

Another alternative may be to attend lots of social gatherings and hop from one pub to another hoping that you will end up with a partner ? Firstly, even if you meet someone you like, you may not even know whether he or she is still available or is interested in you as well. Hence you will need to start pulling in the attraction by using all tactics, buying expensive gifts just to make a chance to go out for a date, etc.


This method may be useful if you are still very young, have lots of time, very free, loaded and are very good in courting. Which, most of us are not.

Avoid the Dangers of Online Dating

Online you can never be sure who you are meeting. Are they married? Older than they say they are? Are they showing realistic photos of themselves? Are they being honest?

Most online dating sites provide
no support at all. Why ? Simple. All online dating sites are automated and have thousands of members. They do not know you, what you require and who would best suit you. It isn't a personalised service and, for busy people, online dating can be time consuming with little end reward.

It may be quick to add your profile to an online dating site but if you don't spend time working on your profile you are unlikely to have much success. Since online dating is free, there is no commitment from either party, hence anyone also is eligible to be a member, and to put up an impressive write-up about that person, that's it.

In today’s fast-paced society, and the “unknown” factor involved with online dating – hiring a personal matchmaker is the smart way to meet your match!  

Speed Dating

This new way of meeting people is designed for single, busy professionals who are tired of the traditional dating methods that haven't worked for them in the past. Speed dating has advantages over all of the traditional dating methods; the pub/nightclub scene, blind dates, internet dating services or even introduction agencies which can prove to be quite time consuming and expensive. You get to see and talk to 15 genuine, similarly aged singles over the course of two hours, perfectly suited to people just like me and you who do value their time...  Check for our Latest Event Here !

One To One Match Making Services / Dating Agency

Just like a Job Recruitment Agency, both parties tell their requirements of a good candidate, because the agency will have access to a huge database from different sources, it is much more easier and faster for them to conduct the matching on your behalf. Otherwise, the company will have to advertise on the newspaper (which will eventually cost more), conduct screening, interviews and shortlisting. Lots of time and effort is needed, may also ended up getting the wrong employee, will need to conduct the same process all over again.

Therefore, a Match Making Agency works the same, it saves you TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY & MONEY to help you find suitable candidates, as the opposite party has also shown interest in getting a life partner by being committed as a candidate as well.

Match Making Agency will conduct the advertising, screening, interview and short listing process on your behalf, based on your requirements. All you will need to do is to provide the relevant detailed information, and relax and wait for the right partner to come to your door step. Please click here to find out about our unique method !

Most Important of All : Be Ready To Date

As a Single, there are many things to consider when dating. It’s important to be Ready To Date – if you’re not you could be wasting your time!

It can be upsetting to be single when your friends are in fulfilling relationships. However, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t need a relationship to make you happy – first you must be happy with yourself, it is then that you will find happiness with a partner.

Deep down we all yearn to share our life with someone special – you aren’t alone. You may be thinking to yourself “why can’t I meet Right Partner”, or possibly other various negative thoughts in the past, have you chosen the same, wrong partners and ended up in bad relationships? In the past you may well be cynical and negative towards the very people you want to attract!

One thing is for certain, if you are not feeling confident about dating or not happy within yourself, there’s a high chance that this is the way you are being perceived by others also. So you simply must be Ready To Date.

It is ok to feel a little nervous about dating – but remember, that it should also be exciting, fun and most importantly fulfilling.

When preparing to date, this checklist may assist:

Be Ready To Date. Ensure you and your thinking are in the correct place to be dating.
Set your goals. What type of relationship are you seeking?
Set your partner criteria. What are the attributes you desire in a partner?
Be yourself! You want him to fall in love with you – not someone you think he wants.
Don’t compromise. Remember your goals and partner criteria.
Have fun! Relax and enjoy the dating ride!
Remember, you are not alone on your dating adventure! Success, your very own dating experts, will assist you along the way.


Past Testimonials of Successful 1 to 1 Matching Services

Generally, most people do not like to expose themselves by giving real testimonials, especially the Asian Culture. Hence, we try to minimize the details provided by people that have gone through such services and how they felt about it.

Betty    |    Age. 48

I had been on my own for 5 years and the thought of dating again was pretty frightening but with your help and encouragement, after my 4th date, I met Ken. I'm glad you told me not to make judgments over the phone as his phone voice did not impress me at all. His looks were completely different to what I had anticipated from speaking to him and wow, instantly I knew I wanted to get to know this man. He is what I have always wanted "my soul mate" and we plan on tying the knot this time next year. It was as though we had known each other for ages . Thanks to your caring staff.

"...my life has totally changed direction. I hope you can match up my two friends I have also referred with the same type of success you have done with me..."

Sandy   |   Age. 46
I am widowed and 46 and wanted a man clean shaven, not with the Darwin goatee and a white collar man, and you introduced me to Colin, although 10 years older we enjoy all similar interests, he has his own light aircraft and my life has totally changed direction. I hope you can match up my two friends I have also referred with the same type of success you have done with me

"I am most fortunate to have come in contact with Match Service."

Narelle   |   Age. 32
I am most fortunate to have come in contact with iMatch. You have restored my view of Introduction Agencies. I was apprehensive about trying again after my experience with another agency left me dissatisfied and very wary. On my initial phone contact I felt important to you as a client. The interview that followed was personal and comfortable. I have found iMatch to outweigh my previous experience in every way. I am happy for you to show this letter to your clientele. If by chance someone is reading this, I can tell you "This Company Cares about you".

"It has now been over four months and things are looking great, love is growing beautifully."


Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I've been with your service. Before coming to you I tried answering ads in the papers without any joy. I also tried a couple of agencies on the 'free' list, which was a real disaster. Your service was great. You listened to my comments after my introductions and Wow third time I was lucky.

It has now been over nine months and things are looking great, love is growing beautifully. Thank you for you assistance in my quest.

"... it was through you and thanks to you that I met my wife."

Garry   |   Age. 29
My wife and I would like to advise all people that are thinking of joining Match Services that it is really possible to meet the person that you are looking for. I myself came back to you with an attitude of "what have I got to lose?" and it was through you and thanks to you that I met my wife. Your integrity and honesty were always first class and I always felt that you were looking out for my best interests. We found that you put a lot of thought and effort into introducing us to people that were best suited to us. We would both recommend to anyone thinking of joining such services that they will enjoy themselves very much, meet some really nice people and might change their lives in the way they wish forever.

"Garry and I have been married for about 19 months and we are very happy."

Colleen   |   Age. 27
Thank you for asking Jerry and I to relate our opinion of such services. I remember that you were always very prompt to contact me every week with a new person to whom I could be introduced. I felt confident that your organisation was one with the highest standards of ethics and responsible conduct. Jerry and I have been married for about 11 months and we are very happy. We seem to have a lot of common beliefs and values. This kind of compatibility goes a long way toward making a marriage work. Thank you once again for contacting us.


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